Frequently Asked Questions

Costs to support activities through the NOAA CAMP cooperative agreement include costs for direct support of the activity as well as management and administrative costs for managing the activity, staff, funding, and the overarching agreement. Typically, these charges would be assessed directly to the funds committed to the project. For the CAMP agreement, we move 7% of the total funds to a separate account for ease of administration of those funds. This is referred to as the general operations allocation as we are allocating the costs to a separate account to cover management and administration for the activity. Therefore charges assessed to your direct accounts are in direct support of the activity itself.

Only people working directly on the activity will charge the activity. However, administrative tasks such as travel for Hanne Mauriello, time to prepare quarterly reports, etc. will be charged to the General Operations.

 PI Meeting is acceptable or a Workshop/Meeting that is open to the general public/community.

Yes, it would be appropriate for a UCAR Visiting Scientist to serve on a Panel.

Please be as direct and specific about the projects you would like included in this program plan. Be frank and open and do not worry about correct presentation. Only the NOAA Program Manager and the CPAESS PI will see your input.

A project should be excluded when its principal purpose is to acquire property or services for direct Government use. Examples include workshops or meetings to advise NOAA on research strategies; or research assistants to help NOAA with its mission.

Open meetings are welcome to all participants and, at times, the public. The meeting agenda and proceedings should be available to the public.

Closed meetings have limited participants and are not open to the general public. Closed meetings should not be supported under this cooperative agreement.

Please work with your budget office to transfer funds to the Climate Program Office (CPO). Funds must be received prior to transferring to UCAR to ensure processing errors are minimized.

Yes, you should enter one submission per theme.  You may have multiple submissions for each activity depending on how many themes it falls under.

Concessions may be made depending on circumstances surrounding the activity. There are multiple ways to resolve, but ultimately it is the responsibility of UCAR to determine if the activity is eligible to start before funds are received (prespend).